current exhibition

Encountering the Rare Book

September 7 - October 7, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, September 7 5-7pm

Curated by: Andrea Eis

Encountering the Rare Book
This exhibition will explore the historical importance, contemporary significance, and tantalizing essences of antiquarian books in the Kresge Library’s Special Collections. These collections include magnificent, unusual, obscure, and rare books, many of which are hundreds of years old, including the Hicks Collection of Books by and about Women (17th to 19th centuries) and the Springer Civil War Collection. A range of immersive, educational activities accompanying the exhibition will include lectures, video presentations, and other special events. Curated by Andrea Eis, the exhibition will be built around the participation of faculty from varied disciplines across the university community and will be accompanied by catalogue. University faculty will choose a book from the Special Collections that speaks to them uniquely – perhaps a book that leads to an unexpected realization, or that delights with an unconventional narrative, or fascinates with its lush materiality. Short commentaries gleaned from the experience of each of the faculty will accompany the books they have chosen. In our digital world, we have fewer and fewer chances to directly encounter the rare, to immerse ourselves in the past through books that are physical manifestations of thought and culture. Encountering the Rare Book will offer these opportunities to its viewers.

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