January 8 – April 4, 2010

Lynne Avadenka, Matthew Barney, IAIN BAXTER&, Christian Boltanski, Susan Goethel Campbell, Sir Anthony Caro, Vija Celmins, Ed Fraga, Jane Hammond, Chido Johnson, Dennis Michael Jones, R. B. Kitaj, David Lambert, Ronald Allen Leax, Donald Lipski, Kathleen McShane, Eric Mesko, Sabrina Nelson, Matthew Shlian, Kiki Smith, Michael E. Smith, Jill Sylvia, Stella Waitzkin, Kara Walker, and Peter Williams

Artists’ books are often more intimate than an artist’s primary oeuvre because they are not generally meant for public scrutiny. Their scale and personal nature make their perusal the exclusive domain of one pair of eyes at a time. This engrossing survey features contemporary artists’ books from the last two decades. 

Curated by Dick Goody. Full-color catalogue available.