March 7 – April 5, 2015

The Fortress is a complex of workshops and residency studio spaces in North End, Detroit, where Steven Kuypers and Steven McShane have created a unique workspace with artist residency studios that includes an array of production machines for metalsmithing, woodworking and new and alternative technologies.  Their collaborative work encompasses the use traditional and experimental materials and techniques and the aesthetics of social and relational sculptural practices.

The new works in this exhibition, created in 2014 and 2015, comprise five sculpture-installations: The Fortress Archive, Sauna Tower, Reclaimed Tractor, Fortress Sign, and Can You Lift It?

The Fortress is a nexus for contemporary art in Detroit and the values of labor, craftsmanship, community involvement and the production it supports.

Curated by Dick Goody. Full-color catalogue available.


Steven Kuypers and Steven McShane in Conversation with Dick Goody, April 2, 5 pm.

The Fortress: Steven Kuyper and Steven McShane

March 2015

by Dick Goody

118 pages